FoNY Weeks 16, 17 & 18: From over Baghdad via Amsterdam

When you travel for a living, sometimes you’re out of town a lot longer than you would like. When you’re new at a company you get to fly senior trips while the senior guys are on vacation. Senior trips mean interesting destinations. During this month I’ve spent two nights in Puerto Rico, two in Amsterdam, one in Bombay (Mumbai), a day and a half in Ghana and lastly a night in Pisa, Italy. I’ve continued friendships on another continent, overflown the capitals of both Iran and Iraq, spent a few nights at home in the mix and taken a lot of pictures.

This week, to make up somewhat for the lapse due to travel, I present the Grand Hotel Amrath Amsterdam. It’s a beautiful building with a history that comes up short in years relative to its neighborhood, but stays long on extremely random artwork. The faces protruding on rock beams out of the west-facing wall are of famous Dutch involved in some way with the shipping industry. Shipping is, arguably, what the Dutch did, have done, and do. While there are no printed maps on the building exterior (there is a globe in the lobby ceiling ironwork), it does display a sizable Mercator projection.

Enjoy the show, there are many more weeks to come and a lot more of New York to explore.

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