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FoNY Week 11: Lower East Side

A few weeks ago I did a little exploring down in the Bowery and crossed an invisible line into the Lower East Side, someplace where I really hadn’t spent much time. I was in search of a bakery, a vegan bakery to be precise, and the name BabyCakes had been brought up before by a friend. I found it, and there was much rejoicing. Some vegan friends were coming into town around then, and I needed to make sure we could all enjoy some sweets together. As it turns out, there is another excellent vegan place much closer to home, but BabyCakes is pretty special because it led me to both excellent dairy-alternative deserts and to this week’s Faces of New York shoot.

This week went back down to BabyCakes and shot 245-247 Broome Street in Manhattan. This building is unique in my explorations of buildings with grotesque accents thus far in its combination of older, brick and stone façade and the newer glass and steel renovation. I will reserve judgement on the beauty of this mashup for those with a better artistic or architectural sense of taste, but I am grateful to the architect(s) whose vision kept alive the wide variety of faces that adorn this pair of buildings. Somebody even did a bit of creative painting with a hint of devilish charm. I hope you enjoy this installment, and if you have a chance to head down to BabyCakes on Broome Street, do, their sweet and savory desserts are sure to be a clean sweep no matter what your dietary needs.


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