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©2013 Walter Judy Photography

Good Day, Sunshine

In addition to the Faces of New York post this week, I snapped a few pics down in the East Village to celebrate what has to have been the prettiest day of 2013 in New York City. The sun was warm, the sky was cloudless and the temperature in the sunlight perfectly comfortable. Perfect weather for some HDR photography! In keeping with the faces theme, here is a part of a future feature building I saw right next to my oft-visited 14th street and 3rd Ave “L” train stop.


©2012 Walter Judy Photography

A few photos from my new home in NYC

You can take the man out of the Midwest, but you can’t take the camera out of his hands. New York is a photographers paradise, and while I don’t always take my camera out with me, when I do, I take insane numbers of photos. I recently upgraded to Adobe Photoshop CS6, which has a few hundred cool new features, my favorite of which is the HDR function. There will be a lot more HDR (High Dynamic Range) photos posted over the next months, but my favorite is this one:

Times Square
Times Square

This is achieved by taking multiple shots of the same composition but using different exposures. Lacking an in-camera HDR mode in my Canon 5D mkII, I used the auto exposure bracketing feature to take three frames: One on a middle exposure, one 1.5 stops overexposed, and one 1.5 stops underexposed. I adjusted the RAW files, opened them in Photoshop, and let the software do the rest. It’s far from a perfect composition, but I really like how it turned out.

These are all from summer 2012, but I thought they were worthy of posting.